Wood Burning Fireplaces

6 Reasons Why People Love Wood Burning Fireplaces

There is nothing that creates a cosy atmosphere in a room like a wood burning fire. The glowing coals casting a warm glow over everything in the room, the smell of the wood, and the lovely heat rising into the room from the fire all combine to create a warm and relaxing ambience. Fireplaces are not only used to heat up a room, but often they are used just to create a romantic or nostalgic atmosphere reminiscent of days gone by.

Even with all the options that we have with electric heating nowadays, a lot of people still prefer wood burning fireplaces over any other to create warmth and cosiness in their homes. There are quite a lot of reasons why people choose wood burning fireplaces over gas or electricity, and these include:

    1. The sound: Listening to the logs crackling and the fire roar can be intensely relaxing, and it brings a sense of authenticity to the room that cannot be found with other types of heating. An open gas flame is just not the same as flames coming off a burning piece of log.
    2. Aesthetic appeal: A hearth can be the focal point of a room, even when no fire is present. Installing a great looking wood burning fireplace can only enhance the look of a room, and once the fire is burning it casts an orange glow that is welcoming and visually very complimentary to the objects around the room – including people!
    3. It feels good: The warmth generated by wood burning fireplaces can heat up a room very quickly and during cold spells, there is nothing more cosy than some crackling logs and a cup of hot chocolate. The heat is relaxing and friendly, and it makes people feel welcome and at ease.
    4. Cost effective: With prices of energy sources, such as gas and electricity, rapidly on the rise and not showing any signs of slowing down any time soon, wood burning fireplaces may be your best option when it comes to heating. Nowadays, heating in the home is seen as a luxury, and not a necessity any longer, simply because it is practically unaffordable. Installing a fireplace that burns wood could be a very cost-effective option, as it generates great savings when compared to gas and electric heating.
    5. Independent energy source:       Wood burning fireplaces do not rely on any other energy sources linked to your home. This means that even during load shedding or gas shortages, you will have a source of heat and a measure of light in the room.       All you have to do is step out and get some logs, and Bob’s your uncle!
    6. Environmentally friendly: Even though burning logs do create smoke emissions, there are specially made logs and pellets on the market that contain very little moisture and are therefore cleaner to burn. It is also better than using natural resources, such as gas, or tapping into an electrical grid that is generated with nuclear power.


Quality Wood Burning Fireplaces

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