Where to Buy Potjie Pots

Where to Buy Potjie Pots: From Megamaster

Ready! Get set! Potjie! These words are probably familiar to you. If you are the average South African, you are sure to have seen or even been involved in a potjie competition at least once in your life, but potjies aren’t just meant for competitions. They can be truly and thoroughly enjoyed in a relaxed environment at home too. The only requirement is to have a good quality potjie pot (they are available in various sizes), the ingredients for your meal, a wooden spoon for stirring and a fire. That’s really it.

If you don’t know where to buy potjie pots at a good price, it has become time for you to discover our extensive range at Megamaster. Potjies are one of the most popular social occasions enjoyed in South Africa. If you aren’t attending a braai on the weekend, you are probably attending a potjie. Everyone looks forward to a good cook-up with good company and that’s why the concept of a potjie is held dear by so many.

We know that you cannot wait to get your family and friends together to cook a delicious meal on the open coals. We know this because we cannot wait to either! Such an occasion provides the ultimate way to relax together while doing something fun: cooking up a storm. Potjie pots are designed to be placed over hot coals either on top of a grill or on the open fire. You can control the temperature of cooking fairly easily by simply moving the position of the coals or the amount of coals beneath the pot.

The traditional design of the potjie pot is that of a pot with a rounded bottom, where all the juices collect during the cooking process and because of this, you won’t need to add much in terms of water or other sauces and liquids. The result is a sumptuous meal with a rich taste that will have you salivating for more. Share the experience with the kids, the in-laws and even your neighbours and friends and you will make memories that last a lifetime.

We offer a wide range of cast iron, enamel and aluminium potjie pots that are ideal for use at home or while camping. Prices range from a few hundred rand to a few thousand, depending on the type and size of potjie pot that you want and need. There’s something for everyone and every family at Megamaster and in order to prove it to you, we welcome you to browse through our online product catalogue at your convenience. We’re also available at any time to provide you with further information and advice regarding our range, which pots are best suited to your needs and budget, and more.


Do you want to know where to buy potjie pots at the best possible prices? Find just what you need at a price that you can afford. If you need more information and advice before you make a purchase, take the time to contact us via email or telephone today.

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