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Why You Should Invest in the Ultimate Gas Braai from Megamaster

Most South Africans love a good braai, and that is a fact. Very few things are as enjoyable as spending time with friends on a sunny day and enjoying the ceremony of the braai. However, a subject that has always been hotly debated is whether to choose a modern gas braai, or to go with the traditional wood fire braai. The traditional methods favour the wood braai, but even some of the most conservative braai masters are now coming around to the idea that cooking on the ultimate gas braai is now a highly attractive prospect, and a lot of them choose their gas braais from Megamaster.

A gas braai has several advantages over a wood fire, and these include:

  • Burns more cleanly: Anybody who has ever tried to cook on a wood fire will know how irritating it can be to constantly have smoke in the face. It makes the eyes burn and tear up, and no matter where one stands, the smoke always seems to blow in that direction. Cooking with the ultimate gas braai from Megamaster means a cleaner burn and very little smoke.
  • Better for the environment: Because gas burns more cleanly, it causes less air pollution than a wood fire and is therefore most environmentally friendly.
  • It is easy to clean: Wood braais have to be cleaned and the fine, powdery ashes removed before it blows all over the yard. Cleaning ash is very messy and cumbersome, and cleaning a gas grill is as easy as brushing it down with a steel brush. On occasion, the grill also has to be cleaned with water and detergent, but overall their cleaning presents much less of a hassle.
  • It is fast: No more dealing with hungry kids waiting for that boerewors roll. Instead of waiting for the coals of the wood fire to burn until they are ready to cook on, you just turn the knob to fire up your gas braai. This means that the food can go on the grill virtually immediately and everybody can be fed soon.
  • Temperature control: Working with wood fire coals can be an art, and it is vital to cook food at the correct temperature. This often means that coals must be shuffled and that meat has to be moved around the grill for the optimum temperature. With the ultimate gas braai from Megamaster, the flame can easily be controlled just by turning a knob, and because it has a few separate gas grills, different temperatures can be used. This means that you can cook your steak, boerewors and chicken at the same time. You will also not run out of heat before the meat is cooked.
  • It is attractive: Many people are now starting to appreciate the clean, sleek lines of a silver gas braai, and in some circles it holds major social currency. Now, instead of showing off their new vehicles, many people cannot wait to show their friends their ultimate gas braai from Megamaster!

If you would like to find out more about our modern gas braais that are as easy to use as they are easy on the eye, give our team at Megamaster a call today.

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