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Why People Love Our Stainless Steel Gas Braais at Megamaster

It is a fact that people from the southern hemisphere love to braai. Some call it a BBQ, others call it a grill. But in good old SA, we call it a braai and nothing else. Here, referring to the grilling of food over a fire generated heat as anything other than a braai will more than likely result in a smack on the back of your head with some braai tongs. Braaiing is not only the roasting and eating of the food; it is also the ceremony, the smell, the “ubuntu” (togetherness), the socialising, the jokes and, at the end, some great tasting food.

While some staunch braai traditionalists have vehemently stuck to their wood burning braais in half drums over the last few decades, most could just not resist the many temptations brought about by our range of stainless steel gas braais from Megamaster. It is now finally considered socially acceptable to fire up your stainless steel gas monster and people love to braai on them! Now, the gas braai is held in high esteem, and while wood fires are still very nice, gas braais from Megamaster are all the rage!

Some reasons why people love our stainless steel gas braais include:

  • Good looks: Our stainless steel product range offers objects of sheer beauty. They are sleek and highly functional, and you can add components to them to make them more versatile. They also look much better on the patio than your rusted half drum. Many braai masters now silently brim with gas braai envy when the neighbour gets a bigger and better model, and it is now practically a status symbol amongst those in the know.
  • Value for money: When you buy a patio braai from Megamaster, you are sure to get a lot of bang for your buck. Admittedly, some of the high-end models can be costly, but it depends on how serious you are about your braai, and how much you are prepared to spend. We stock a model for every budget, and there are also a lot of bells and whistles that you may be interested in adding on, such as the excellent range of braai accessories we offer. Overall, a gas braai from us is a good investment and something that will work reliably for years to come, when other stainless steel braais have long since given up.
  • Corrosion and rust resistant:       Stainless steel is chosen for our braais because it means that they will not corrode or rust. This means that your braai is robust and long lasting, and if you live on the coast, stainless steel braais will last much longer than any other commonly used braai, as the humidity and salty air can do real damage to just about any kind of metal.
  • Easy to clean: Stainless steel braais are much easier to clean than other braais, and all the grid requires is often just a scrub down with a steel brush and a quick wipe with a warm, wet cloth. We do provide easy to follow cleaning advice, and if you need any information about the dos and don’ts of cleaning your braai, just contact us!
  • Easy cooking: Braaiing is a pleasure with our stainless steel gas braais, as they fire up quickly, so you don���t have to wait for the coals to heat up the way you would if you used a wood fire. It is also easy to control the temperature according to the requirements of the food on the braai. You will also never run out of coals, which means that you can cook a lot of food at a time – providing that you have enough gas!


If you want to find out more about why true braai masters just love our fantastic range of stainless steel braais, come and see for yourself, and you will quickly realise why our products are so popular! Call us today!

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