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A Short Guide to South African Potjies, Potjiekos and Potjie Pot Suppliers

Not many things are as true to the identity or as traditionally South African as potjiekos. It entails cooking food over a fire in a cast iron, round-bellied pot, and is similar to the old Dutch oven brought to the country by the Dutch settlers at the time. The name “potjie” literally means “small pot” in Dutch and Afrikaans, and potjiekos is food that is cooked in the pot, outside, over a fire. Potjiekos can consist of a variety of food types – often meaty stews are preferred, but it is also possible to cook some hearty vegetarian fare, soup or even bread in a potjie.

Traditionally, the food is slow cooked over a low fire, and a good potjie can take anything up to six hours to cook, while the fire is carefully watched and the heat of the coals controlled, in order to provide the correct cooking temperature. To true potjie aficionados, stirring or even opening the pot before the food is ready is frowned upon, but most people have their own opinions on this. A wide variety of potjiekos recipes can be found, and serious potjie enthusiasts often have cook-off competitions to establish the best potjiekos cook or recipe around.

In order to make good potjiekos, a seriously good cast iron potjie is required. The cast iron does not get damaged by the fire and the interior of the pot often retains subtle flavourings of spices added to previous meals which flavour the food. A well-maintained potjie is often not washed, and only wiped clean in order to retain the flavours inside the pot. Cast iron is hardy; it heats up quickly, works well on open coals, and evenly distributes heat throughout the interior of the pot to ensure even cooking of all ingredients. The rounded shape of the pot collects fluids from the food inside, which means that very little liquid is needed for sumptuous food, but some chefs prefer to use wine or beer to add extra flavour.

Most potjie pot suppliers provide potjies in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and the size varies according to the number of people that are cooked for. All pots have three legs to enable them to stand in the coals, and they also come with a steel handle that allows the potjie to be hung over an open fire. Potjies used to make bread are usually flat bottomed and don’t have any legs. The flat bottomed potjies are very versatile, as they can be used indoors on a stove or in an oven, as well as over a fire or on coals outside. But take care – potjies are heavy! It may even take more than one person to lift a fully-loaded potjie from the fire!

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