Patio Gas Braais

4 Excellent Reasons to Use Patio Gas Braais

As South Africans, we love to braai and we do it whenever we can – at cricket matches, at home, on the river bank, on the beach, in the sun, in the wind and in the rain. We braai all-year round, and we love a good fire. Up until recently, we liked to get the wood and fire together, and using a gas braai was the domain of the most extreme braai-challenged amateur. But then things changed.

Nowadays, we have a vast range of fantastic patio gas braais – big ones, medium ones and small ones – and there is one to suit every person and every patio. There is nothing wrong with firing up that gas grill and getting the meat on for a lekker sizzle. The desirability of gas braaiing is due to a variety of reasons. Not only is it now social acceptable to braai on gas, but a shiny, stainless steel braai with a tough grid and a closing hood is now a manly object of beauty for many a braai traditionalist, and braaimasters now brag about the size and ability of their patio gas braais, instead of the veracity and cost of their vehicles.

The patio gas braai vs wood fire argument will always be there, but there are a few distinct advantages that patio gas braais have over a traditional wood braai that simply cannot be ignored.


  1. It’s handsome! Behold the aesthetically pleasing, silvery-shiny object of sheer beauty on the patio! It is wondrous and can make spectacular food. It is great to look at – and certainly much better looking than the sad old rusty half-drum on a stand sitting forlornly on your patio. Admittedly, there are some very handsome contemporary wood braais out there, but they are few and far between, and the fetching looks of the slick gas braai are hard to beat.


  1. It’s mobile! In most areas of South Africa, you will find that one minute it’s sunny skies and the next, there are torrents of rain bucketing down and threatening to put out your fire before you’ve had the chance to add the “braaivleis”. Another thing, especially in the Western Cape, is the wind that plays mad tricks; so much so that it sometimes seems that the wind gods have personal vendettas against the braaimaster and his fellow braaiers. The wind can switch direction in a split second, and if you don’t have your wits about you, your lungs will be filled with braai smoke and your eyes pouring with tears before you know it. However: patio gas braais are mobile! Yes, they can be moved safely to a more protective environment where you can braai in peace.


  1. It’s quick! Yes, we all love the ceremony of a braai – the lighting of the fire, the watching of the flames, the drinking of the refreshments, the social chatter while we stand around staring into the fire. Sometimes, however, you just have to braai quickly, like when you have the entire block’s kids over to swim at your pool, and they all want hamburgers or boerie rolls at the same time. Instead of rushing off to McDonald’s in a huff, all you have to do is fire up that grill and throw on some burgers or wors, and your day is made. No more waiting for the coals while it feels as if your life is slipping away!


  1. It’s temp controlled! With a wood fire there is the permanent division dance – balancing the amount of burning wood, hot coals and medium coals, and keeping the balance going until everything burns out. With a gas braai, you just know that you will have enough heat to cook 50 chops, 40 chicken pieces and 9 fillets to perfection without the first five pieces getting incinerated and the last ten left completely raw because the coals went out. Just fire up that grill and slap them on – and the heat will remain constant and easy to manage throughout. You can rest assured that you will always be able to manage the correct temperature – as long as you remember to fill up the gas bottle!


If you would like to find out more about how good it feels to own one of our beautiful and highly functional Megamaster patio gas braais, give our team a call today. We will change the way in which you braai!

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