Outdoor Gas Braais

Outdoor Gas Braais, the Braai of Choice for the Modern Home

Fire is an element that most homes simply cannot do without, especially South African homes. Whether it is a cosy fireplace or an outside braai area where you enjoy spending time, it is the fire that imparts the magic. While braais have been a popular social event for many years, the good old-fashioned charcoal and wood braai is what most households have become used to over the years. Not anymore!

Outdoor gas braais have quickly gained popularity for those who want to create a modern or contemporary outdoor entertainment space that boasts the sleek appeal of a modern well-designed braai and of course the convenience of quick, easy, and smoke-free cooking functionality. Let’s face it; the braai area with a good quality gas braai will probably be more enjoyed than one without.

It’s not uncommon to smell the aroma of a braai wafting through the air on a weekend, or weeknight, for that matter, and if you’re a lover of braaiing, you will be faced with the option of using a gas braai or a charcoal braai. Gas braais are the obvious choice – in our opinion! There is no denying the fact that outdoor gas braais offer exceptional convenience. All you need to do is light the grill and voila, you’re ready to braai! Of course, you need to clean and maintain your gas braai and its appliances and cylinders to ensure full functionality and safety at all times.

The mere fact that there are no messy coals and ash to clean out and dispose of after a braai also makes the gas braai a popular choice for many upmarket homeowners. Then there’s the concept of cooking up truly delicious and even gourmet meals on the braai. That’s not really possible on an old-fashioned charcoal braai, but with outdoor gas braais, you can control the temperature effectively, so you can cook up anything and everything from chops and steaks to delicious breads, desserts, and tasty snacks to nibble on. If you are likely to enjoy this type of braai on a regular basis, a gas grill is the obvious solution for you.

Our modern outdoor gas braai doesn’t have to stay standard either; you will find that they are designed with the option to incorporate add-ons, built-ins and extra accessories and features so that your gas braai can grow as you and your tastes and preferences do. If you would like to learn more about our extensive range of outdoor gas braais, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or telephone at Megamaster today.

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