Need a Patio Gas Heater for Winter

Need a Gas Heater for Winter or Should You Choose Electric? 

The winters in South Africa are short, but they can be particularly harsh, and people always need some form of heating to get through these winter months. While a lot of South Africans have fireplaces in their homes, it helps to have an added heat source for other rooms in the home that don’t have fireplaces. The dilemma is always which type of heating to get – do you need an electric heater or do you need a gas heater for winter? Most new homes have some sort of gas heater, and gas furnaces or fireplaces are also very popular. Here are some reasons why you need a gas heater for winter, instead of choosing electric:

  • Energy efficient: Gas burns at a high temperature and releases more heat into the air. Electric heaters don’t burn as hot and have to work for longer to provide the same amount of heat. Gas uses less energy to provide the same amount of heat. This means that you will feel the heat in your home, and not in your finances!
  • Environmentally friendly: Gas heaters are energy efficient and the emissions contain very few damaging chemicals. Gas also has the lowest emissions of any type of home heating fuel.
  • Cost effective: Because the price of electricity is so high, many people are now switching to gas heaters because they are much cheaper and energy efficient to run than electric heaters. In some cases, gas heaters may cost more than electric heaters, but the running costs are much less.
  • Mobile: Often gas heaters are mobile and can be moved around the house to provide heat in rooms where the use of electric heaters is not recommended. This means that you can heat your bathroom without the fear of being electrocuted!
  • Load shedding: This is one of the inconvenient truths of South Africa – we have load shedding, and many people’s lives are affected by not having electricity during electricity blackouts. Many people in South Africa now believe that they need a gas heater for winter because then they are not dependent on electricity for heat and they enjoy the convenience of gas.
  • Patio heaters: If you want to heat up your patio or garden area so that you can enjoy the outdoors, a gas patio heater is the way to go! They are extremely effective and many restaurants and other establishments use them to heat up outdoor areas for the comfort of their guests. They are especially designed to produce a lot of heat and to reflect the heat downwards. While portable electric heaters can be used outside, they are not as effective and the electric cable and plug points may prove to be problematic.

If you need a gas heater for winter, Megamaster can help! We stock a wide range of gas appliances, patio heaters, gas braais, fireplaces and other useful things that can help to keep you and your home cosy during winter. Call us today to find out more about our fantastic range of quality products!

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