Megamaster Wood Burning Fireplaces

Make the Most of Winter with Megamaster’s Wood Burning Fireplaces

Being in the grip of a cold winter is never pleasant, and coming home to a cold house and sitting in front of a heater just doesn’t quite hit the mark! Nothing adds more atmosphere and heat to a room than a crackling fireplace, and this is why our wood burning fireplaces at Megamaster are so popular. There are many advantages associated with wood burning fireplaces, and these include the following:

More cost effective: The cost of gas and electricity are going up and shows no signs of abating, and heating is almost seen as a luxury than a necessity by many people. This means that if you have regular access to firewood, you’re in the pink! If you switch to a wood burning fireplace, you can save more than 75% if you used to use electric heating, and more than 45% if you used gas! Wood can be expensive, but still not as expensive as other forms of heating. Buying in bulk from good suppliers will still save you a lot of money compared to electric or gas heating.

Independent from other energy sources: This means that you will not be depending on Eskom to keep your house warm this winter. If load shedding happens or if you run out of electricity unexpectedly, you will still be able to stay warm in front of our Megamaster wood burning fireplace! In places where adverse weather can affect electricity supply, it is especially good to be able to have a dependable source of heat during the winter.

They look and feel great: At Megamaster, we have supply many wood burning fireplaces that look simply great and provide great heat. A wood burning fireplace provides a special type of heat that warms up a room like no other type of heating. In addition, it creates a wonderful atmosphere and ambience, and the orange hue of the flames creates some very ambient lighting, which is relaxing and cosy.  The subtle smell of burning wood is also something that most people love, and there are so many different types of fireplaces on the market that will be suitable to use in any room in your home!

Environment: Some experts argue that burning wood is better for the environment than using gas or electricity. Seeing as wood is a resource that is renewable, it means that sourcing wood instead of gas or electricity would be more environmentally friendly. In South Africa, we also have a huge problem with alien trees – if these can be used for firewood, it would reduce the invasion of alien plant species. It also means that if the wood for fires is sourced from local suppliers, it can bring economic advantage to communities. It is, however, recommended that wood is thoroughly dry, and that wood with a moisture content of less than 20% is used. This produces less smoke and doesn’t cause build-ups in the fireplace flue. If hardwood is used, the fire tends to burn for longer and burn hotter than softwoods.


If you want to find out more about our wood burning fireplaces, give our friendly team at Megamaster a call today!

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