Megamaster Stainless Steel Braais

Why Megamaster Stainless Steel Braais Are Better Than Wood Fires

When it comes to steel braais, Megamaster steel braais simply cannot be beaten. Many people now invest in getting a gas braai instead of fire braais because they provide convenience that cannot be found with other types of braais. Traditionally, hardcore braaimasters used to shy away from gas braais, but nowadays they are catching on to the convenience and ease of using a gas braai. This is why these braais are now showing up all over South Africa on patios, in gardens and even at restaurants!

There are many reasons why people now prefer Megamaster stainless steel braais as opposed to wood-fired  braais, and these include:

  • Easy to ignite: While it takes a while to start a fire and get the coals perfect for your braai, gas is easy to just light and cook on. One flick of a switch and you have the perfect fire for your food!
  • No waiting: If you need to eat or feed people in a hurry, there is nothing better than our Megamaster stainless steel braais! You simply ignite the grill and you will have a perfect braai in a jiffy! No more standing around the garden nursing a fire while the kids are crying with hunger!
  • Temperature control: Braaiing on a wood fire can be quite an art. Different types of meat need different temperatures, and you have to keep a certain amount of coals burning, and add or remove coals while cooking your food in order to increase or decrease the heat. With a gas braai, temperature control is easy and instant – whether you like to cook your chicken on a medium heat or your steak on high heat, it is easy to turn the dial, and increase and decrease the temperature as needed.
  • Less smoke: With a gas braai, the only smoke that you will have is the delicious aroma coming from your braai meat. With a wood fire, you find yourself constantly standing in the smoke, trying to work out how the meat is doing while your eyes are watering! No such problem with a gas braai!
  • Convenient: Megamaster stainless steel gas braais can be used when you need it, where you need it. These braais are always ready for use – providing you remember to keep a full gas cylinder! The best way to ensure that you always have gas is to regularly check the levels of your gas bottle or to keep a spare cylinder handy.
  • Cooking surfaces: While a braai fire only provides one surface to cook on, Megamaster stainless steel braais provide different plates and grills to cook on. If you want to cook a sauce on the side or heat up some pap or rice, you can use the side burner while you still get that delicious flame grilled char on your steak.
  • Easy to clean: Megamaster stainless steel braais are made with materials that make them easy to clean – no more waiting for the ashes of your fire to cool down before you can clean your braai!

If you want to know more about our wonderful Megamaster stainless steel braais, contact our friendly team of braai experts!

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