Megamaster Pizza Oven

Discover our Ceramic Megamaster Pizza Oven with Stainless Steel Finish

Does it feel like the perfect night for a juicy pizza, but you just do not feel like leaving the house? Of course, you can order a pizza for delivery and there are many options to choose from, but will you really enjoy it as much as one that you can create yourself? Pizzas are a popular food choice for their versatility. While they are made for sharing – which makes them perfect for social gatherings – they can also be enjoyed alone. If it is starting to feel like you need more pizza in your life, Megamaster can help you with that!

Nothing can quite beat the feeling of spending an evening in with the family or friends and knowing that you do not have to go out to find your favourite treat. Your very own Megamaster pizza oven can do all the hard work for you. In fact, it makes light work of pizza baking, because our pizza oven is not just another one of the myriad of typical products available on the market. Our product is special and we call it the MegaBox. It is a ceramic pizza oven baker box and is designed to bring the mouth-watering delights of a perfectly homemade pizza to your home and family. One of the things that makes our Megamaster pizza oven different from the rest is that it caters to aesthetics as well as functionality. You are certainly not going to be shy to show off your new pizza oven with its stainless steel finish, and you will have the peace of mind that its beauty is more than skin-deep.

You might be wondering how big you can make your pizzas with the MegaBox and we are pleased to inform you that you will be able to cater to many sizes, big or small; the choice is yours! The dimensions of the ceramic pizza oven box are 523 cm x 563 cm x 228 cm and it weighs in at just 10 kg, so you should not struggle to get it set up either.

Of course, you will need to make sure that you keep an eye your pizza while it is cooking. The ceramic MegBox makes this a simple task by allowing you to easily and effectively monitor the heat with its reliable temperature gauge. Another concern when cooking pizzas at home is the risk of uneven cooking. Nothing is worse than a half-cooked pizza and with our Megamaster pizza oven, you can rest easy knowing that the ceramic stone lining evenly distributes the heat for a perfectly cooked pizza, every time.

If you are already impressed by what you have heard, wait until you see how quick and easy it is to assemble the pizza oven. It can be assembled and ready for first use in minutes. That is our way of making sure that you do not have to wait too long to enjoy your first Megamaster homemade pizza. If you need more information and advice on our Megamaster pizza oven, take a moment to get in touch with us via email or telephone.

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