Megamaster Gas Braais

4 Advantages of Using Megamaster Gas Braais

In South Africa, the braai is practically a national pastime and a full day has even been dedicated to it. Almost everybody has their own tips and tricks of doing things, and the age old debate between wood fire and gas braai still continues. It is, however, becoming evident that gas braais are increasing in popularity even amongst avid wood-braai fans, and there are many reasons why people prefer using Megamaster gas braais over wood fires or other makes of gas braais.


  1. Convenience: A wood or coal fire takes a while to get ready and if you want to eat in a hurry, this can be problematic. Often, wood is wet, charcoal doesn’t take properly and even more time is spent getting the fire to the correct temperature. In addition to this, there is the fire’s smoke which inevitably blows into the braaimaster’s face, regardless of where he or she stands, and this can make cooking on the fire a little cumbersome.
  2. Temperature control: If you are not a hardcore wood-braai aficionado, it can be difficult to gauge and control the exact temperature of the fire. This often results in undercooked or incinerated chops, and ultimately not a massively satisfactory braai experience.       With a gas braai, it is so much easier to control the temperature, and all it takes is the turn of a knob to increase or decrease temperature. This means that food can be cooked perfectly with a lot more ease!
  3. Cleaner: Everyone who has had to clean out a traditional wood braai will know that it can be a cumbersome affair. Getting the ashes together and collecting it without half of it blowing away and all over your face is difficult even on wind-still days.       With a gas braai, all you have to do is remove the grill, brush it down with a wire brush to loosen food particles and then spray it down. The surface underneath and the gas outlets do have to be cleaned, but not necessarily after every use.
  4. Easy to move and store:       Megamaster gas braais are portable and can easily be relocated to a spot where there is more shelter from the elements. The units have their own covers and they can simply be stored on the patio or in the garage. Storing the gas braai indoors is always recommended, as the elements do eventually take their toll, but overall they are more compact to store and look better than the typical half-drum eyesore at the end of the garden!


If you would like to find out more about the fantastic range of Megamaster gas braais that will be perfect for you, give our consultants a call today!


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