Megamaster Gas Braais

Top Tips for Using Megamaster Gas Braais

Traditionally, it was frowned upon to use gas braais, but nowadays, even hardcore traditionalist braaimasters are embracing the many benefits offered by our gas braais at Megamaster. Most people now love to have a great-looking gas braai on standby for those braai days, and many braai enthusiasts have now left charcoal and wood fires far behind and choose to braai with gas! 

Advantages of Using a Gas Braai

  • Less messy: Because there is no charcoal, coal or flame, there is less mess.
  • Clean burning: There is very little smoke, as gas has a clean burn. You no longer have to swallow oodles of smoke while turning meat, with your eyes burning from the smoke!
  • Instant: If you are hungry, all you have to do is fire up one of our Megamaster gas braais and you are ready to cook. No more waiting for wood or charcoal to burn and make acceptable coals for your braai! Just turn the switch and you’re ready to roll!
  • Cost effective: In the long run, braaiing with gas is actually cheaper than using wood or charcoal for your braai.


Using Your Gas Braai

  • Location: Ensure that you find a space that is safe and stable, and where the braai can find a solid foothold without wobbling. Have all your braai tongs, spatulas and bowls ready before starting to braai – this means that you won’t have to leave your braai while cooking food.
  • Direct/indirect braaiing: Ensure that you know the difference between direct cooking and indirect cooking, and which foods will need what. This means that you are able to cook better food on the braai and create tastier dishes. Remember that direct cooking is where you grill or roast meat or other foods directly over the gas flame. Indirect cooking is done on the part of the grill that is not directly exposed to the flame, such as when grilling a steak on a skillet. With indirect heat, you have to ensure that your cooking surface is hot before cooking, and this can be achieved by lighting the grill about 15 minutes before the gas braai is started. This will produce ample time for the skillet to heat up adequately for some great cooking.
  • Cleaning your grill: Heating the grill before cleaning will help to dislodge cold fat and grease. Use a wire brush before or after every braai to ensure that your grill and surfaces remain clean, and that you don’t get some old grease and residue into your next braai.
  • Use the lid: The lids of our gas braais are not only there for storage or decoration! They help to maintain a temperature evenly, and to decrease cooking time. It also helps food to retain that special smoky braai flavour, which is characteristic of an awesome braai. Closing the lid also preserves moisture of the food inside, which means that you will be able to provide your braai guests with succulent chops, well-cooked wors, and very juicy steak!
  • Extra tip: Remember that salt draws moisture out of food, especially meat. Avoid seasoning your meat too early – do this just before cooking or while it is on the fire. This helps to retain moisture while still providing lots of flavour.

If you need more tips and tricks for using our Megamaster gas braais like a pro braaimaster, call us! We have so many great ideas and even better products, and we will help you to find the perfect braai solution to suit your lifestyle.

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