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A Guide to Types of Megamaster Fireplaces Available in South Africa

Not many things are as pleasant or add as much ambience and romance to a room as a fireplace. The crackling of the logs, the soft glow of the flames that cast a warmth across a room, and the heat emanating from the fireplace all combine to provide the perfect solution for ambience and temperature control. When it comes to fireplaces, South Africa provides many options for homeowners to choose from. Here are some of the types of fireplaces that are available from Megamaster that will bring warmth and joy into any household.


Built-In Fireplaces

These are fireplaces that are built into the wall in a particular room, which means that they are a permanent feature in the room. For this reason, it is important to select a particular fireplace that is suited to the surroundings and can provide not only heat, but also the correct aesthetic for the room. The range of built-in fireplaces provided by our experts provides the renovator, interior decorator, homeowner and architect with interesting choices that enhance the design and feel of a room, and fit in with the lifestyle of those using the fireplace.

We stock some of the most innovative designs that are not only energy efficient, but also good to look at and easy to maintain. Our built-in fireplace range includes double-sided wood fireplaces, traditional wood burners and vent-free gas units that don’t require the installation of a chimney. This means that whatever your needs are, we have a fireplace that fits right into your environment. Our double-sided flue-less fireplace is a hit with a large portion of our customers and comes with a Piezo igniter that sparks off a pilot burner, a main burner, oxygen depletion systems, flue-less gas grate and decorated with white pebbles for sheer good looks.


Free-Standing Fireplaces

This range of fireplaces is designed to add aesthetic appeal to a room and to provide as much functionality and ambience, without the necessity for construction or alternations to the room or walls. They can be entirely freestanding in the centre of a room or attached to the ceiling, which creates a hanging effect. Most wood-burning fireplaces do have a vent pipe or a flue which is attached to an outlet through the roof or wall to draw smoke upwards and out of the room. A big seller on our list is the Modical Freestanding Fireplace, which is constructed from mild steel and contains vermiculite bricks.


Cast Iron Close Combustion Fireplaces

These fireplaces are freestanding and are similar to the old wood-burning stoves used in days of yore. New modern designs make them easy to use and maintain, and we particularly like our Ledro cast iron close combustion model.

We have one of the best ranges of fireplaces in South Africa, and in addition to high-quality products and expert installations, we also provide other products, including charcoal, wood or gas patio braais, a variety of accessories for any braai or fireplace, gas patio heaters, and many more.


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