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Nine Top Reasons to Love Cast Iron Pots and Cookware from Megamaster

Chefs and cooks are looking for alternatives to non-stick cookware, which may become toxic, and they are often perplexed when it comes to the choices available. While stainless steel is a healthy alternative, it can be expensive, and often it is not the best vehicle for cooking ingredients or dishes that may stick to the pan or pot surface. Cast iron is by far the best alternative, and this is why cast iron pots and cookware from Megamaster are becoming some of the most sought-after cookware in South Africa.

There are many benefits associated with cooking with cast iron, and these include:

  1. It avoids toxins that may emit from non-stick cookware, and avoids any toxins that may arise from cooking with aluminium cookware.
  2. Cast iron skillets can be used at any temperature, on the stovetop or inside the oven. This means that they are multifunctional and can be used for a wide variety of dishes, ranging from flatbreads to slow-cooked stews.
  3. Cast iron is naturally non-stick and can rival some non-stick cookware, on provision that the cast iron is treated and maintained properly. To get the best from your cast iron pots and cookware from Megamaster, we recommend that you spend some time with our sales consultants to find out more about how to maintain and care for your cookware to ensure that it remains non-stick.
  4. Cast iron pots and cookware from Megamaster are easy to clean. Any food residue can be lifted off cast iron without hassle; no or very little detergent is required to clean these as it can erode the seasoning in the pot.
  5. The iron in these pots can actually provide you with additional iron, which may be good for your health. This helps to boost your immune system and energy levels.
  6. Cast iron pots and cookware from Megamaster are cost-effective. Often when non-stick cookware is replaced, people choose stainless steel. Cast iron is cheaper than stainless steel and lasts just as long, or even longer.
  7. Because the heat in a cast iron skillet or pot is distributed evenly throughout the surface, food cooks more evenly, and it is possible to get a good char on meat and other food. Compared to non-stick cookware, the golden brown, crispy exteriors you get with cast iron is virtually impossible to beat.
  8. Cast iron is very sturdy and extremely durable. It does not scratch or chip, and any kind of utensil can be used to stir or scoop. Many people are using cast iron pots or pans that have been passed down through several generations.
  9. Because cast iron can be used on any heat source ranging from an open fire to an induction plate, on a gas hob or an electric one, it is one of the most versatile types of cookware around.

If you need to know more about cast iron pots and cookware from Megamaster, call us today or look at our online product catalogue. Contact our team for more information.


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