Cast Iron Closed Combustion Fireplaces

Interesting Facts about Cast Iron Closed Combustion Fireplaces

Cast iron closed combustion fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular because they are very efficient. While a normal open fireplace tends to convert only about a fifth of its fuel into useable heat, cast iron closed combustion fireplaces are specifically designed to utilise the most of the fuel inside and to reduce heat loss. Because the air inside the closed fireplace is circulated before it is let out through the flue, the interior burns at temperatures high enough to re-ignite the air inside. It is true that these fireplaces are more costly than the normal run-of-the-mill fireplace, but that is because of their unique design and complex construction, and the money you will save in fuel and energy bills will pay for itself in the medium to long term.

There are many reasons why cast iron closed combustion fireplaces are so highly sought-after, and these include:

  • They do not emit smoke into the room. This means that you have a clean-burning fireplace that imparts the ambience and radiates the heat you need, but without polluting the air with smoke.
  • They are very safe. Because they are closed, sparks cannot fly out of the fireplace and ignite carpets, curtains or furniture.
  • They are great for those with allergies and can be used in areas where only very low emissions can be tolerated.


How to Choose your Fireplace

You have to think about the size of the room and the area that needs to be heated. A fireplace that is not big enough for the room will not be able to provide enough heat, but conversely, a large fireplace in a small room will create temperatures that are too high and uncomfortable, which means that the air intake will have to be restricted. Because cast iron closed combustion fireplaces are designed to be efficient at particular temperatures, reducing the airflow to reduce the heat means that the efficiency and effectiveness of the fireplace is not optimised, and the available fuel will not be combusted completely. This means that soot may collect in the flue and that the glass on the fireplace will become dirty, and more emissions being let into the air.


Why We Love these Fireplaces

If you want the flames to be visible to create an ambience, there are many different models available with large glass doors – and most of these are designed with an air-wash cleaning system that helps the window to remain clear. Because these fireplaces are made of cast iron they tend to retain their shape through temperature variations and last longer. It also means that the seals and hinges or the doors remain intact and durable, and that no emissions will be emitted into the room in the long term. Cast iron closed combustion fireplaces are also very easy to clean because they burn up all the fuel, which means that there is very little ash or soot to deal with.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of installing a cast iron closed combustion fireplace, give our team at Megamaster a call today!

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