Built-in Fireplaces

Types of Built-In Fireplaces for your Home

Nothing makes a home quite as cosy as a fireplace. The roaring fire, the red-yellow glow of the coals, and the heat emanating from it is intensely relaxing and warm. A fireplace doesn’t only heat up the room; it also creates an atmosphere that is romantic and easy. Nowadays, there is a large variety of built-in fireplaces on the market and all homeowners have their own choices. Here is some fireplace information that you may want to consider when choosing one for your home.


Wood Burning

When one thinks of a fireplace, this is the one that most often comes to mind. With crackling logs and a roaring fire, there is not much else that creates a better atmosphere – and lots of heat. These may differ in terms of size and ease of installation, and they also come in a wide price range.

  • Traditional open hearth:       This is the typical fireplace used for centuries to cook on and to warm the inhabitants of the home.       They seem like the most authentic choice, but they are not always as effective at creating heat in the room as other, more modern choices. Effective venting is also difficult and may require extensive construction when installed.
  • Enclosed hearths: These are usually made of stone and have a door that encloses the fireplace. Often glass panels are used to enhance the view and they are made to trap more heat in the room.


Gas Fireplaces

Even though these built-in fireplaces do not provide the same level of cosiness as a wood burning fireplace, they do burn more cleanly and can generate more heat at a lower cost. They are also relatively easy to install and offer a good alternative to other, more traditional fireplaces.

  • Direct-vented: This type of fireplace is usually vented through a chimney, but the chimney can be directed via a pipe and can be installed to warm up any room.       These have a yellow flame that imitates the look of a log fire.
  • Ventless: These are the easiest to install, as they don’t need a chimney, but the colour of the flame is usually quite blue, which is typical of a gas flame. They offer great heat, but often contaminants can emanate from the fireplace into the room.



This is one of the modern trends because they are very easy to install and the design is modern. It can be designed to match the look and feel of any room or budget. They burn clean and don’t create odours. However, they are not as hot as other fireplaces.

  • Conversion fireplace: These can be made to fit into an existing fireplace and can match the aesthetics of any room, whether it is classic, traditional or contemporary.
  • Wall-mounted: A very sleek and contemporary design, these allow you to hang the fireplace on any wall in the house, and they are appreciated more for their sense of décor than functionality.



As the most cost-effective option, these are easy to install and they enable to turn the heat to different levels, while still getting the fireplace atmosphere in the room. With rising consciousness of energy conservation and increasing electricity costs, these may not be practical in the long term.


Custom-Made Built-In Fireplaces

It is easier than you think to design your own fireplace and you only have to speak to our expert team at Megamaster to discuss your needs. We will give you advice that will enable you to make an informed choice, and we will happily install the fireplace of your dreams. Give us a call today!

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